Pure & Light Organic Skincare has the ability to intelligently adapt to every person’s unique skin conditions. Our customers have confirmed that it is extremely effective in resolving concerns such as large pores, dryness, dullness, flakiness, sensitivity, redness, irritation, breakouts, oil production imbalance, early signs of ageing, fine lines, de-hydration and poor oxygenation. The following comments are from real people sharing their real results with our products:

Real people - Real results

"....Other than the lovely smell, I didn't think anything of the product until I woke up the next day and have lovely radiant skin! Not abrasive like exfoliators usually are, so I was surprised by the impact. A great product...."

"Lovely! Makes my skin feel soft and soothed!"

" ....it's kept my skin looking fresh and glowing without causing breakouts."

"Smells amazing and makes your skin feel fantastic ! Definitely recommend"

"It's very refreshing and leaves your skin feeling great!"

"Lovely product left my face really soft and lovely"

"...it doesn't irritate my skin and leaves it feeling really soft and well cleansed. I've tried a lot of exfoliators and find some really abrasive, but this has a great consistency."

"This feels so lovely on the skin. Smells pleasant."

"I love the texture of this and the smell is wonderful. Really nice ingredients....I can definitely say it's a fab product."

"Smells delicious leaves skin so soft and rejuvenated removes all the dead slog and skin cell's"

"Very smooth on the skin, new brand for me to check out"

"Smells amazing and feels light but creamy and left my skin soft and supple"

"After using this product by skin felt very fresh"
"I loved this exfoliator it was good and gorgeous smelling"

"My face was lovely and soft when using this product..."

"Love love love this..."

"Lovely product leaves face feeling great."

"Lovely! Makes my skin feel soft and soothed!"

"This left my skin feeling lovely and soft and clean"

"I did feel the benefits of the "plumping" ingredients and really enjoyed that. My skin did look brighter and healthier after using it.."

"This product smells amazing and is a lovely light exfoliant"

"This stuff is lovely. Really great at exfoliation and leaves the skin super soft."

"Smells great, makes you skin feel soft and lovely, would recommend."

"A luxurious product. My face felt soft ,clean and pampered. Smells divine."

"I have found the products to be of the purest ingredients that don't irritate my skin and provide my skin with the hydration required"

"I have finally found the key to my facial skin's hydration"

"It's been less than a week and I already see a great improvement to my skin!"

"Finally, a face cream that passes! My skin is well hydrated and I am also seeing changes in skin texture"

"If you want a face cream that hydrates well without leaving a trace, I'd give this a try"

'"Already after a few days of use my skin became radiant and full of life."

"I feel how special this hand cream is – it regenerates my skin very fast."
"Thanks for your amazing cream. I love it!-"

"I am loving the products"

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